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[sales manager]

Workplace:Guangdong, Shaanxi Recruiting Numbers:3

Position type: full time

Job responsibilities:

1. Carry out sales activities in designated areas and markets to achieve sales targets;

2. New customer development / potential sales activities;

3. Maintain good business relationship with existing customers and provide professional services for customers to achieve new sales.


1. Full time college degree or above, more than one year of testing equipment / industrial products sales experience;

2. Familiar with the situation of spectrum market in the region and have good reputation in the regional market;

3. Good sales communication and language skills, good learning ability;

4. Adapt to frequent travel.



1. In accordance with the national policy to pay insurance and provident fund, in addition to enjoy business accident Life Insurance; 2. Annual regular domestic and foreign tourism, major festivals or regular organization of staff dinner and entertainment activities, grant subsidies, gifts, birthday gifts of different purposes; 3. The company organizes regular physical examination for employees every year.


Have perfect promotion system and channel.